Manny Ramirez: Is Tired of Baseball ?


Manny Ramirez, no matter if you like him as a player or not, should be a lock to make the baseball Hall of Fame.

Five years after he retires, he will probably not be a first-year inductee, but his packed numbers are worth for induction among the greatest in Cooperstown.

Unfortunately for him, his suspension by Major League Baseball for 50 games after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs back in 2009 will ever be in his career resume.

As Manny is Manny with his character flaws, it is not easy some days to know if he really wants to challenge himself as probably one of the top tier of all-time and the best Latino ever to play in the Major Leagues.

Ramirez, who turns 39 on May 30, has 548 home runs and is just 52 shy of the exclusive six-member, 600 home run club and 99 shy of the exclusive 10-member, 1,900 RBI fraternity.

Many will mention that is not bad when your career homers are 14th and career RBI are 19th on the all-time leader list; however, Manny fans expected more.

The native from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic was expected by many of his followers–not counting all his countrymen–to surpass Sammy Sosa as the “Dominican  Bambino” and be the first Latino in history to drive in 2,000 runs.

Of those, many thought he could do it by 2011 in Dodger Blue.

However, many of his followers are concerned if Manny’s latest injury (right calf strain) has slowed him. Moreover, it is difficult to know with his “no leader” mantra if he is into the game anymore.

Let’s remember the 2010 Dodgers are Andre Ethier and James Loney’s team.

Furthermore, there are days Ramirez have been on the record that he feels if Frank McCourt becomes a seller later this summer he could be one of the first gone out of LA.

Ramirez, at the moment, is hitting .396 in 17 games. However, his power numbers are only 2 homers with 13 RBI, very low for what he’s paid for.

Ramirez has not been on record as done, but his slowness with his bat lately is starting to become worrisome, especially among the Dodger Blue brass. The trouble right now is he seems not to care.

Time will tell us if Manny is tired of baseball.


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