MLB 2011: Key Latino Player on Every Team

albertyadier.jpgSpring training 2011 is finally underway with all teams with their full squads.


This is the time of the baseball calendar that every franchise will tell you no matter in Arizona or Florida that they have the best team and they are full of optimism for the new season.


This is the time of the year that every General Manager and skippers among news and cliches will address the media of their perspective of who will be their man for the season.


Tampa Bay Rays’ Manager Joe Maddon said back in 2008 that you need nine players, playing smart and and hard every nine innings to make a team a championship one.


Maddon formula worked that year taking his team all the way to the World Series.


Just ask nowadays to Maddon who he is counting for in 2011 and faster than you can imagine his two names are Evan Longoria and David Price.


Reality is that every team needs a so called “key player”. The one some teams calls a franchise player or simply the one everyone is looking to step up.


Probably there will be some arguments, nonetheless this is my Latino key player for each team in 2011.


Time will tell if I am right.


Baltimore Orioles- DH Vladimir Guerrero
Boston Red Sox-1B Adrian Gonzalez
New York Yankees-2B Robinson Cano
Tampa Bay Rays-DH Manny Ramirez
Toronto Blue Jays-OF Jose Bautista

Chicago White Sox- SS Alexei Ramirez
Detroit Tigers-1B Miguel Cabrera
Cleveland Indians- C Carlos Santana
Kansas City Royals- P Joakim Soria
Minnesota Twins- P Francisco Liriano
Los Angeles Angels- 1B Kendry Morales
Oakland A’s- OF David de Jesus
Seattle Mariners- P Felix Hernandez
Texas Rangers- P Neftali Feliz


Atlanta Braves- OF Martin Prado
Florida Marlins- SS Hanley Ramirez
New York Mets- SS Jose Reyes
Philadelphia Phillies- C Carlos Ruiz
Washington Nationals- C Ivan Rodriguez


Cincinnati Reds- P Aroldis Chapman

Chicago Cubs- C Geovany Soto
Houston Astros- P Wandy Rodriguez
Milwaukee Brewers-P Yovani Gallardo
Pittsburgh Pirates-3B Pedro Alvarez
St. Louis Cardinals- 1B Albert Pujols


Arizona D’Backs- C Miguel Montero
Colorado Rockies- P Ubaldo Jimenez
Los Angeles Dodgers- SS Rafael Furcal

San Diego Padres- 1B/3B Jorge Cantu
San Francisco Giants- 3B Pablo Sandoval



One comment

  1. cubbiesfan98

    I think the Cubs have a lot more Latino players than Soto that they’re counting on. I can think of Soto, Starlin Castro, Carlos Pena/Silva/Marmol and of course Zambrano, Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, etc. Now that I think about it, 2 thirds of the Cubs lineup is Latino!

    There’s Always Next Year

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