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2011 All-Star Game in Arizona: Let it Be !

miguelmontero.jpgIn 1997 Major League Baseball in conjunction with then the Classic Sports Network, today ESPN Classic, choose what was called the Major League Baseball All-Time Team.

The so-called all-time team was announced as part of the events around the 1997 All-Star Game at Jacobs Field in Cleveland, Ohio, the home of the Cleveland Indians of the American League.

Among names of the team selection were Johnny Bench, Lou Gehrig, Roger Hornsby, Mike Schmidt, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, and many more of the greats of the game.

However, not even one Latino.

Beyond belief in an all-star game that every run scored and RBI made in the game was by a Latino player. Home runs were hit by Edgar Martinez and Sandy Alomar Jr. and the only run of the National League was a homer by then-Atlanta Brave Javy Lopez. The game was won by then-Royal Jose Rosado and saved by Yankee Mariano Rivera.

Many columns have been written about the new Arizona immigration law and all the sparks of a 2011 All-Star boycott. Players such as Yovani Gallardo and Joakim Soria said in Anaheim they are firm in their beliefs. Even if they are fortunate enough to make the All-Star team again next summer, they will skip it.

I’m not into politics, but the truth is that Major League Baseball should do more to recognize the Latino influence in the majors.

Let the game be in Arizona. Here goes my penny-pinching idea to Major League Baseball and one of today’s TV networks.

In Phoenix, announce the first ever Latino Major League All-Star Team around the 2011 All-Star Game festivities.

It is just a simple celebration of the best Latinos in the history of All-Star games.

Probably a balmy idea; however, it is one way to be in unity and harmony with the Latino community and to not repeat blunders of the past.

Nobody should forget back in 1999 when many Latino fans were unhappy that no Latino players had been elected in the Major League All-Century Team.

In particular, Roberto Clemente, who had finished 10th among outfielders and missed the cut. Baseball tried to assuage fans’ complaints in 2005 by announcing the “Latino Legends Team.”

If Major League Baseball needs assistance this will be my Major League Baseball Latino All-Time Team:

C- Ivan Rodriguez ( 14 All-Star games)

1B-Rod Carew (18 All-Star games-Hall of Famer)

2B-Roberto Alomar (12 All-Star games-1998 All-Star Game MVP)

3B-Alex Rodriguez (13 All-Star games)

SS-David Concepcion (nine All-Star games-1982 All-Star Game MVP)

OF-Roberto Clemente (12 All-Star games-Hall of Famer)

OF-Vladimir Guerrero (nine All-Star games)

OF-Manny Ramirez (12 All-Star games)

DH-Edgar Martinez (seven All-Star games)

P-Juan Marichal (10 All-Star games-1965 All-Star Game MVP-Hall of Famer)

P-Pedro Martinez (eight All-Star games-1999 All-Star Game MVP)

RP-Mariano Rivera (11 time All-Star games)

Furthermore, another good chance in timing that Roberto Clemente’s No. 21 could be retired from Major League Baseball.

No one knows what will happen next; however, it will be a goodwill act from the host Diamondbacks to demonstrate that Arizona truly believes in multiculturalism and are against possible racial profiling in their own backyard.

The Phoenix Suns, back in May, wore their “Los Suns” jerseys to honor its Latino community. Diamondbacks should start with few given days this season wearing a “Los Cascabeles” shirt as a good start.

The 2011 All-Star Game in Arizona should be the showcase to stand up and voice what should be right.


Florida Marlins Looking For A 2015 All-Star Dream

Hanley ramirez.jpgDreams became reality in 1997 when then-rookie Cuban pitcher Livan Hernandez cried out, “I love you, Miami,” in front of a national television audience


Marlins fans woke up and realized their Florida franchise really did win its first World Series.


“I love you, Miami,” probably can be heard again this season from Major League Baseball.


The Florida Marlins want to host the All-Star Game in 2015.


Marlins president David Samson discussed the team’s perspective during the recent celebrated FanFest and has repeated his remarks to the national baseball media.


“We lost the game before we had a ballpark. Now that there is a ballpark, it is certainly is our expectation that the All-Star Game will be returned to Miami,” Samson said recently to the Associated Press. “We look forward to that happening and are very hopeful that it will be 2015.”


The Marlins were awarded the 2000 All-Star Game in 1995, but then-National League President Len Coleman took it away in 1998 and gave it to the Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field, saying the league wanted the game in new ballparks.


Many baseball followers understood at the time it was some kind of punishment for the way former owner Wayne Huizenga broke up the 1997 World Series championship team.


The Midsummer Classic, if awarded, will be the first ever in South Florida and will be at the brand new retractable-roof Marlins stadium on the former Orange Bowl site in Little Havana, slated to open for the 2012 season


In 2012 the franchise will introduce its new name, the Miami Marlins.


The Los Angeles Angels host this year’s 2010 All-Star Game, and the Arizona Diamondbacks host in 2011.


Major League Baseball officials have said the 2012 host likely will be the Kansas City Royals and then the New York Mets in 2013.


The Minnesota Twins, who will inaugurate Target Field this year, hope to host the big game in 2014.


Although 2014 is an American League year, the Chicago Cubs also have said they’d like to be awarded the game that season to mark the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field.


My crystal ball says the dream will come true–Miami will be awarded the All-Star Game.


My crystal ball also says if the players mentioned stay in their current teams, these will be the opening lineups of the 2015 Midsummer Classic at Marlins Park.



C: Joe Mauer, Minnesota

1B: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit

2B: Dustin Pedroia, Boston

3B: Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay

SS: Elvis Andrus, Texas

OF: Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay

OF: Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston

OF: Nelson Cruz, Texas

P: Felix Hernandez, Seattle



C: Yadier Molina, St. Louis

1B: Albert Pujols, St. Louis

2B: Dan Uggla, Florida

3B: Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco

SS: Hanley Ramirez, Florida

OF: Chris Coghlan, Florida

OF: Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh

OF: Ryan Braun, Milwaukee

P: Tim Lincecum, San Francisco

MLB’ Midseason Report: 2009 Latino Awards


The All-Star Game is almost here and the 2009 season have reached its historically midway point of its schedule, making the perfect moment for this year Midseason Awards.

Disregard the predictions written back in April. Both The Sporting News and Sports Illustrated had the Yankees, Twins, Angels and Red Sox making October . Both publications went Phillies, Cubs, Dodgers and Mets in the National League.

Honestly, not bad at all. Except in both Central Division, the Tigers and the Cardinals at the moment are changing the spring prognosis.  Also,  the Angels have to be careful with the surprising Rangers  in the American League West. Moreover,  in the National League wild-card race unless the Mets get a miracle as the famous New York expression “Forget About It!”. At the moment the Giants, Marlins and Brewers look best for the coveted prize in the old circuit.

I will not give any forecasts. After all, who said back in 2007 the Colorado Rockies would make it to the World Series. Nobody crystal ball predicted the Phillies and the Rays last season in the October Classic.

Let’s have fun. Here are my midseason award winners:
American League

Best Team: Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees (tie)
Surprise Team: Texas Rangers
Disappointing Team: Cleveland Indians
Best Latino Player: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers
Best Latino Pitcher: Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners
Best Latino Rookie: Elvis Andrus, Texas Rangers
Best Boricua: Mike Lowell, Boston Red Sox
Best Latino Surprise Player: Nelson Cruz, Texas Rangers
Dissapointment Latino Player: Magglio Ordoñez, Detroit Tigers
Forget About Him!: Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

National League
Best Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Surprise Team: San Francisco Giants
Disappointing Team: Chicago Cubs
Best Latino Player: Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals
Best Latino Pitcher: Yovani Gallardo, Milwaukee Brewers
Best Latino Rookie: Omir Santos, New York Mets
Best Boricua: Carlos Beltrán, New York Mets
Best Latino Surprise Player: Joel Piñeiro, St. Louis Cardinals
Dissapointment Latino Player: Alfonso Soriano, Chicago Cubs
Forget About Him!: Manny Ramirez, Los Angeles Dodgers

My Midseason Latino All-Star Team:
C Victor Martinez (Indians); 1B Albert Pujols (Cardinals); 2B Robinson Cano (Yankees); 3B Mike Lowell (Boston); SS Hanley Ramirez
(Marlins); OF Carlos Beltran (Mets); Carlos Lee (Astros); Juan Rivera (Angels); P Felix Hernandez (Mariners); PR Mariano Rivera (Yankees).

This column was also published by The Puerto Rico Daily Sun / MLB Notebook

Yadier Molina: The Lone Boricua in the Majors


This  upcoming 2009 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, Yadier Molina will be the lone boricua shining with the best of the best .

There is no doubt, the younger of the Molina brothers deserved the accolade from the fans to be the starting catcher in the National League lineup. Not because the fans wanted to award him with his first All-Star experience playing at home.  The 2009 All-Star Game will be played at Busch Stadium in his Cardinal nest in St. Louis on July 14. Neither a gift because he will be celebrating his 27th birthday the night before the big mid-summer classic game.

Yadier is validating he is the best defensive catcher in the National League. At midway point of this season he has thrown out 44 percent of would-be basestealers and picked off four baserunners as well. He’s second in the league in innings caught.  Numbers that are in pace to help him win his second career Gold Glove Award.

Do not misremember either his batting. The Bayamon native is hitting for a .284 average with 5 homers and 28 RBI’s.

Of course, we can not forget that Carlos Beltran was also selected to be a starter outfielder in the National League. However,  the Manati native at present is receiving a second treatment in his ailing right knee and would be re-evaluated during the All-Star break.

At this moment,  the New York Mets have informed if doctors cleared him, he could resume baseball-related activates, like hitting and running after the All-Star Game break.  For now, he is exercising on a bike and in a pool. Beltran publicly have acknowledged he does not have a timetable how long it would take to return to the Mets.

For the rest, after 85 games, I keep asking que pasa boricua ? Besides Molina and Beltran whom this season deserve to be an All-Star. Possibly in the National League older Yadier’s brother Bengie and in the American League Mike Lowell before getting re-injured again with hip problems. That’s it !

No longer are the hey-days of full of boricuas All-Star Games. See the accompanied chart below this decade. Make your own conclusions. I know we can do better again. Hopefully soon.

Puerto Ricans in All-Star Games (2001-2009)
2001 (Seattle): Roberto Alomar, Juan González, Edgar Martínez, Jorge Posada, Iván Rodríguez, Bernie Williams
2002 (Milwaukee): José Hernández, Mike Lowell, Jorge Posada, Benito Santiago, José Vidró
2003 (Chicago): Carlos Delgado, Javier López, Mike Lowell, Edgar Martínez, Jorge Posada, Jose Vidró
2004 (Houston): Carlos Beltrán, Mike Lowell, Iván Rodríguez, Javier Vázquez
2005 (Detroit): Carlos Beltrán, Felipe López, Iván Rodríguez
2006 (Pittsburgh): Carlos Beltrán, Alexis Rios, Iván Rodríguez
2007 (San Francisco): Carlos Beltrán, Mike Lowell, Jorge Posada, Alexis Rios, Iván Rodríguez
2008 (New York): Geovany Soto
2009 (St. Louis): Yadier Molina

This column was published by The Puerto Rico Daily Sun / MLB Notebook

Brillan Latinos En Juego de Estrellas 2009 en las Grandes Ligas


Sí es algo magnifico en la carrera de un pelotero en las Grandes Ligas ser escogido a un Juego de las Estrellas, más grandioso es el privilegio de ser seleccionado como abridor.

A estas fechas sobre 170 latinoamericanos en la historia de las Mayores han participado al menos en un clásico de verano pero no todos tuvieron o han tenido esa gran experiencia en sus carreras.

Este año 2009 ese honor le corresponde a cuatro de los nuestros en la Liga Nacional. Al campocorto Hanley Ramírez de los Marlins de Florida, el guardabosque Carlos Beltrán de los Mets de Nueva York y los Cardenales el inicialista Albert Pujols y el receptor Yadier Molina.

“Es un gran honor” fueron las primeras palabras del dominicano Ramírez, quien será por segunda temporada consecutiva el paracorto titular del conjunto del más antiguo de ambos circuitos.

Esas palabras o similares se escucharon este pasado domingo en muchos de los camerinos a traves de las Grandes Ligas. En el caso del joven Ramírez,quien a estas fechas es el lider de bateo de la Liga Nacional, fueron en el Estadio Land Shark en Miami.

Para Ramírez las pasadas dos semanas han sido grandiosas. Entre grandes destaques el joven quisqueyano se convirtió recientemente en el primer campocorto en la historia de la Liga Nacional en impulsar carreras en 10 encuentros consecutivos. Por otro lado, nos confesó que su verdadera razón de estar bien contento en dias recientes es porque va nuevamente al Juego de las Estrellas.

Aunque bien sabemos su sentir en el corazón, el único de los cuatro antes mencionados que muy probablemente no se encuentre en el diamante entre las luminarias lo es el jardinero de los Metropolitanos. El boricua Beltrán esta descansando de una lesión en su rodilla derecha que lo tiene en la lista de inactivos desde el pasado 22 de junio y por ordenes de su equipo muy probablemente no regrese a jugar hasta despues del partido de las estrellas.

En el caso de Pujols y Molina que más honor de haber sido electos como abridores en su propia casa en el Busch Stadium en San Luis.

Otros latinoamericanos no corrieron la misma suerte pero no importando hay que destacar los también invitados.

En la Liga Nacional serán parte de su escuadra como reservas el primera base Adrian Gonzalez de los Padres de San Diego y el campocorto Miguel Tejada de los Astros de Houston. También, los lanzadores Francisco Cordero de los Rojos de Cincinnati y Francisco Rodriguez y Johan Santana de los Mets.

Desafortunadamente, al momento de escribir estas lineas, están fuera del gran juego los Gigantes Pablo Sandoval y Bengie Molina. Ambos entiendo son merecedores este año de estar en la banca del Dirigente Charlie Manuel.

En el conjunto de la Liga Americana las unicas caras latinas lo son el receptor Victor Martínez de los Indios de Cleveland y los serpentineros Felix Hernández de los Marineros de Seattle y Mariano Rivera de los Yankees de Nueva York.

Mis respetos al Dirigente Joe Maddon pero en su escuadra de la Americana debieron estar presentes también el primera base Miguel Cabrera de los Tigres de Detroit  y el campocorto Marco Scutaro de los Azulejos de Toronto. Y alguien más adelante le preguntará porque no esta Carlos Peña de sus propios Rays quien es el lider actual en el circuito en vuelacercas conectados.

Para aquellos amantes de la historia, estos son los latinoamericanos que han sido abridores en Juegos de Estrellas:
Liga Americana
Chico Carrasquel SS 1951,1953,1954
Beto Avila 2B 1952,1954
Minnie Miñoso OF 1954,1959,1960 (2)
Luis Aparicio SS 1958,1959 (2), 1961,1962 (2), 1970, 1971
Zoilo Versalles SS 1963
Tony Oliva OF 1964,1966,1967
Felix Mantilla 2B 1965
Rod Carew 2B 1967,1968,1969, 1971, 1972,1973,1974,1975 / 1B  1976,1977,1978,1980,1981,1983,1984
Luis Tiant P 1968
Bert Campaneris SS 1973,1974,1975
Ben Oglivie OF 1980
Manny Trillo 2B 1983
George Bell OF1987
José Canseco OF 1988,1990
Julio Franco 2B 1989
Rubén Sierra OF 1989
Santos Alomar Jr. C 1990,1991,1992
Roberto Alomar 2B 1991,1992,1993,1994,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000
Danny Tartabull DH 1991
Ivan Rodriguez C 1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2004,2006,2007
Carlos Baerga 2B 1995
Edgar Martinez DH 1995,1997,2001,2003
Alex Rodriguez SS 1997,1998, 2002,2003 / 3B 2001,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008
Juan Gonzalez OF 1998, 2001
Manny Ramirez OF 1999,2001,2002,2004,2005,2008
Rafael Palmeiro DH 1999
Pedro Martinez P 1999
Bernie Williams OF  2000
Jorge Posada C 2002,2003
Alfonso Soriano 2B 2002,2003,2004
Carlos Delgado 1B 2003
Esteban Loaiza P 2003
Vladimir Guerrero OF 2004,2005,2006,2007
Miguel Tejada SS 2005
David Ortiz DH 2005 / 1B 2006,2007
Placido Polanco 2B 2007
Magglio Ordoñez OF 2007

Liga Nacional
Orlando Cepeda 1B 1959, 1962 (2), 1964, 1967 / OF 1961 (2)
Roberto Clemente OF  1961 (2), 1962 (2), 1964,1966,1967
Julian Javier 2B 1963
Juan Marichal P 1965,1967
Leo Cardenas SS 1966
Felix Millán 2B 1969
Matty Alou OF 1969
Tany Pérez 3B 1970
Rico Carty OF 1970
Cesar Cedeño OF 1973
David Concepción SS 1975,1976,1977,1981,1982
Fernando Valenzuela P 1981
Manny Trillo 2B 1982
Mario Soto P 1983
Bobby Bonilla 3B 1988 / DH 1991
Pedro Guerrero DH 1989
Benito Santiago C 1989,1991,1992
Iván Calderón OF 1991
Mariano Duncan 2B 1994
Vinny Castilla 3B 1995
Sammy Sosa OF 1999,2000,2001,2002,2004
Andrés Galarraga 1B 2000
Vladimir Guerrero OF 2000,2002
José Vidró 2B 2002,2003
Javier López C 2003
Edgar Renteria SS 2003, 2004, 2006
Albert Pujols OF 2003 / 1B 2004, 2006 / DH 2005 / DH 2008
Alfonso Soriano OF 2006
Aramis Ramírez 3B 2005
Bobby Abreu OF  2005
Carlos Beltrán OF  2005, 2006,2007
José Reyes SS 2007
Geovany Soto C 2008
Hanley Ramírez SS 2008


Mike Lowell: Time For A Break

For the first time this season Mike Lowell is accepting a break. Not because he is pulling one of those Alex Rodriguez ‘fatigue’ stories  as the ‘A-Rod’ did when the Yankees came to Miami. Lowell’  hip had grown stiff and sore lately and his Manager Terry Francona have offer him to take longer breaks.  Not good news for the Puerto Rican four-time All-Star.

Let’s remember this season is one he does not want to finish hurt. Lowell pointed us out back during spring training that he very well know he needs a healthy season and finish with good numbers.

He really wants to demostrate Boston’ management he can still play and would like to be a Red Sox longer than his signed contract through 2010.

“This season is very important to me. I love Boston and I want to stay here. If not I play in Mars along their is big league baseball. After all I’m a major leaguer,” Lowell said.

For the veteran Gold-Glove third baseman, up until few weeks ago it look his numbers were amazing hitting over .300 and taking him to the path for a run for American League Comeback Player of the Year. Some Boston media were even talking All-Star Game in St. Louis. However, the last two weeks his hitting has gone down faster than the Titanic. At this moment he’s hitting .281, 10 homers with 41 RBI’s.

According to Lowell, 35,  the pain is not constant but some days his hip would feel “locked up”.

For Red Sox Nation fans this is not good news either. Specially right now that they are in command of their East Division pennant. Nonetheless, they have not forgotten that it could be déjà vu all over again as last season.

Last year Lowell went down as they were fighting the surprising Tampa Bay Rays. For most of the 2008 campaign he was hurt to the point he was left off from the Red Sox roster for the American League Championship Series. And in October 20th he decided on to go to surgery for a torn labrum in his right hip with well catalogued Dr. Bryan Kelly in New York.

Remember the Rays won and were the one with the ticket to the World Series. And this year the Red Sox besides the Rays they also have the Yankees and the Blue Jays  in their back very close too.

At this moment the Red Sox are planning to put Lowell on a maintenance program starting next week up to the All-Star break where he’ll receive at least one day off a week and receive occasional lubricating injections to ease the friction in the cartilage in hip and they want to make sure he’s rested accordingly. After the All-Star Game they will check on Lowell’s progress.

The Red Sox acknowledge that they need a healthy Lowell to win it all again. In the other hand, Lowell wants to be healthy enough to go back to a post-season and who knows if he can repeat again his 2007 World Series MVP performance. And of course, stay as a Red Sox.

Last Minute Note: Lowell probably will not play this weekend against the Atlanta Braves according to various reports.

This column was also published by The Puerto Rico Daily Sun / MLB Notebook

Es Tiempo Para Un Juego de Estrellas Mundial

El proximo 14 de Julio las Grandes Ligas celebrará en el Estadio Busch en la ciudad de San Luis el tradicional Juego de las Estrellas. 

Siempre he sido de los fieles creyentes que el béisbol desde hace mucho tiempo es un juego de carácter mundial. Será el pasatiempo américano pero ya desde hace mucho tiempo es uno de sabor internacional. Es uno que debe regresar al calendario olímpico y entiendo cambios deben pasar en Las Mayores.

Atras en el 2001 en un congreso periodistico como parte de las festividades del partido de las luminarias en Seattle propuse que se cambiara el formato del Juego de las Estrellas a uno igual que el partido de los novatos del Juego de las Futuras Estrellas. Estados Unidos vs. El Mundo.

Para tal fantasia mia aquí les propongó mis selecciones del equipo del mundo y de los Estados Unidos sí este evento pudiera ser realidad este mismo año.

Si bien nota cada roster comprende de 32 jugadores tal como en el tradicional Juego de las Estrellas entre la Liga Americana y la Liga Nacional. Tambien note que en el equipo del mundo hice todo lo posible de tener las máximas figuras actuales de América Latina, Canadá y Japón.

Es tarde para ver tal sugerencia en el nido de los Cardenales este año pero tal formato debe ser considerado en un futuro cercano.

Siempre lo he dicho, que bueno es soñar. El tiempo dirá. Quien sabe sí este fantastico juego fuese realidad este año 2009 lo que hubiese sido pero si las Grandes Ligas me toman para el 2010 mi idea aquí están mis equipos:

Equipo Todos Estrellas-El Mundo
Dirigente: Ozzie Guillén, Medias Blancas de Chicago
Coaches: Fredi González (Florida); Manny Acta (Washington); Carlos Tosca (Florida)

Johan Santana, Mets de Nueva York
Johnny Cueto, Cincinnati
Yovani Gallardo, Milwaukee
Javier Vázquez, Atlanta
Felix Hernández, Seattle
Liván Hernández, Mets de Nueva York
Wandy Rodríguez, Houston
Pedro Feliciano, Mets de Nueva York
Kiko Calero, Florida
Francisco Cordero, Cincinnati
Francisco Rodríguez, Mets de Nueva York
Mariano Rivera, Yankees de Nueva York

Victor Martínez, Cleveland
Bengie Molina, San Francisco
Yadier Molina, San Luis

1B Albert Pujols, San Luis
1B Miguel Cabrera, Detroit
1B Adrian González, San Diego
2B Robinson Canó, Yankees de Nueva York
2B Felipe López, Arizona
SS Hanley Ramírez, Florida
SS Cristian Guzmán, Washington
SS Marco Scutaro, Toronto
SS Miguel Tejada, Houston
3B Mike Lowell, Boston
3B Jorge Cantu, Florida

Jason Bay, Boston
Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle
Carlos Beltrán, Mets de Nueva York
Carlos Lee, Houston
Nelson Cruz, Texas
Juan Rivera, Angelinos de Los Angeles

Equipo Todos Estrellas Estados Unidos
Dirigente: Joe Torre, Dodgers de Los Angeles
Coaches: Terry Francona (Boston); Jim Leyland (Detroit); Joe Maddon (Tampa Bay)

Roy Halladay, Toronto
Zack Greinke, Kansas City
Matt Cain, San Francisco
Josh Beckett, Boston
Chad Billingsley, Dodgers de Los Angeles
Josh Johnson, Florida
Dan Haren, Arizona
Jered Weaver, Angelinos de Los Angeles
Brian Fuentes, Angelinos de Los Angeles
Jonathan Papelbon, Boston
Jonathan Broxton, Dodgers de Los Angeles
Heath Bell, San Diego

Joe Mauer, Minnesota
Brian McCann, Atlanta
Jason Varitek, Boston

1B Justin Morneau, Minnesota
1B Mark Teixeira, Yankees de Nueva York
1B Kevin Youkilis, Boston
1B Prince Fielder, Milwaukee
2B Ian Kinsler, Texas
2B Chase Utley, Philadelphia
2B Brian Roberts, Baltimore
SS Derek Jeter, Yankees de Nueva York
SS Jason Bartlett, Tampa Bay
3B Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay
3B David Wright, Mets de Nueva York

Raul Ibañez, Filadelfia
Torii Hunter, Angelinos de Los Angeles
Ryan Braun, Milwaukke
Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay
Shane Victorino, Filadelfia
Johnny Damon, Yankees de Nueva York